Highly insulating ready mix made from natural lime with vitreous inert fillers


Ready-mixed thermal insulating plaster made from natural hydraulic lime, vitreous inert fillers, ultra-pure silicates and natural fibres, which together make it easy to apply up to considerable thicknesses. Its truly remarkable levels of compressive strength, breathability and fire-retardant capacity – obtained using natural and eco-friendly materials – make it ideal for use as an insulator in “green building” projects as well as operations to restore buildings and bring them into line with the latest regulations.


The thermal insulation system created through using THR888 helps provide an optimum solution to all the difficulties involved in thermally insulating rooms located below ground level.
Its powerful fire-retardant properties and ease of application make it a great choice even when the job involves plastering domed ceilings or arches.


One 11kg sack yields over two square metres of insulating plaster at a thick- ness of 1 centimetre.


Apply the TRH888 thermal insulating plaster directly to the waterproof grout, having previously wetted the surface with TRB305. To prepare the mixture, just add water until you obtain the desired thickness – this can be done perfectly well either by hand or mechanically. For thicknesses greater than 2cm, apply the plaster in layers. Do not apply at a tempe- rature below +3°C.


To prevent the formation of mildew, fungi or bacterial growth on the new wall surfa- ces, it is important to supplement the pain- ts (which absolutely must be breathable and not film-forming) with the specially formulated product TRM925.
This product ensures complete sterility in the rooms it is used in, and provides long- term protection to both the goods stored in them and the people who use them.


Apply two layers of high-quality water-based masonry paint, adding 1 litre of TRM925 for every 5 litres of ready-to-use paint.

Wait one week for every cm of plaster applied (e.g. 4cm thick plaster = 4 weeks), then proceed with painting the surfaces. Use the broad-spectrum biocide TRM925 as an additive to the paint.

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